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So, I saw HAIM 2 weeks ago in Atlanta. Was the best live show I have ever witnessed, they were INCREDIBLE! When they got on stage I felt like it was a dream, because I had been waiting so long for this. 

Este Haim is the nicest, most genuine kind person I’ve ever met in my life. She was planning on bringing me backstage that night, well my phone died so I had no way to tell her where I was. My phone turned back on for maybe 20 seconds enough time for me to see that she had messaged me asking where I was. So at this point I’m panicking and in hysterics because everything I had been looking forward to was probably not going to happen. All the security guys were trying to kick me out, they wouldn’t listen to me. Until finally a nicer one asked me where I was trying to go and I explained my situation and he got another security guard to bring me back inside where the stage was he asked my name and went to go get Este. 5 minutes later, I see Este and her tour manager walking towards me and I wasn’t nervous or anything I was just relieved and I felt like my friend had finally showed up. We went up to a private room at the top of the venue and talked for like 20 minutes about a lot of personal things and some random funny stuff. She hugged me 4 times (she gives the greatest hugs ever) and was just so present and lovely, I can’t explain it, she is just an angel. Literally the best night of my life and I am so thankful for everything she has done for me. Haim really has helped me through so much and all the friends I’ve made through them have helped me too. I just love you guys.


Este Haim talking about that ass shake in Atlanta 



Kate McKinnon as Ellen.

so cute


I’m Ellen!

2 favorite ppl in the world <3


I just got back from seeing Harmony Korine’s film “Spring Breakers” and I wanted to write a little review on it for y’all! 

When I first heard about this film a year ago starring Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens I thought it was going to be a fun teen flick. Not the case at all. If you saw the trailer you can tell it’s going to be an intense gritty violent drama INVOLVING teens, but not for teens. As the reviews started coming out the hype around it’s controversy heightened and I knew I wanted to see it even more. 

Hudgens, Gomez, Benson and (Rachel) Korine were so great and fun to watch. These characters are people that could be our friends, people we know, or even ourselves. Harmony did an excellent job in capturing the essence of all these people that we’re familiar with in our lives in some way.

The plot of the film was playful and realistic. Some scenes were uncomfortable to watch but was necessary to have the feel of watching real people and not actors playing characters. That’s always my favorite part of a film when you can’t tell that you’re watching a screen.

I loved this movie. I loved watching it. I loved the way everything fit together. All of the different sequences were shot so perfectly and captivating. 

I will say though if you only go see movies based on the plot or the acting then you might not be into as much. You have to love film as a whole to appreciate this one, because it’s not just based on the acting. Not saying you won’t like it if not just saying it’s a lot more enjoyable if you can look at the film and love everything from the music, the background actors, the shots itself etc..

But yeah, totally loved it. The Britney Spears “everytime” sequence was brilliant and everything i never knew I wanted. James Franco is one of my favorite actors EVER and I kept forgetting that I was watching the same guy that played Daniel Desario or Harry Osbourne or the Wizard! 



I’m not ashamed to admit that I invest A LOT of time in trying to figure out all the answers to Pretty Little Liars. SO MANY unanswered questions since the first season and I am READY to find out everything. 

What I love about this show is that some of the events that have happened you forget about because something else is brought to the light. I think the writing for that show is genius and Marlene King is such a huge inspiration of mine. 

Reading all the cryptic tweets recently from Marlene and just seeing every PLL’s fan thoughts on who red coat is, who killed Ali etc… made me want to get some of my theories out there. 

A few weeks before the S2 finale I was speculating about who -A was. Mona always popped into my mind but as a too obvious answer. My first thought was Mike Montgomery. I wanted it to be someone so crazy, but it was still plausible. I never suspected Mona because it was obvious but I think that’s why Marlene is so genius. We didn’t expect it to be someone so close in our face. 

S3 has taken us in every direction that’s why I think any answer to any question could be right. 

Who killed Alison DiLaurentis Theory: Well, I think Alison DiLaurentis killed “Alison DiLaurentis”. Ok so the little ghost girl running around the Marin household was some symbolism for Ali and her twin. Even though we’ve never heard the name “Courtney” I think we have still heard of Courtney. The girl in the marin’s house was the same girl from Ali’s story in the S1 halloween ep. I believe that “Alison” aka Courtney was pretending to be Ali and so Alison was killed her to get the attention back on her. There’s a part of me that still thinks that sweet little Emily Fields killed Alison and I would love for that to be the case

Red Coat Theory: Alison, God I really don’t like her. I honestly believe that she planned this whole thing since the day she went “missing”. Alison became friends with mona and was all like “if you be best friends with those bitches I’ll give you everything you’ve ever wanted. Just don’t tell anyone that I’m still alive or that I killed my twin and I’ll make you super hot” So Mona and Ali were all close like Lucy and Ethel but this was just Alison’s idea of revenge. So the whole time she’s telling Mona to do things to the liars so the liars will get pissed at Mona and hate her guts. And of course because Ali is Ali Mona listens to her and doesn’t think to question the hatred, the threats or the psych evaluations. But now I think Mona may be catching on and she’s becoming more powerful then Ali.

Dr Sullivan Theory: this woman is so freaking sketch. Remember in the S2 finale she said she went away cause A threatened her “son”? She never brought up the fact that she had a son until the night that TOBY brought her back. So I think that Sullivan is Toby’s mom or has some weird relation to Boo Radley and she is to not be trusted. 

Toby is dead theory: I’m torn on this one. I do believe that Toby is dead because it’s only a matter of time til something awful happens to every liar’s first REAL/serious significant other. I mean it’s Rosewood. But if for some CRAZY reason that Toby isn’t dead, I’m calling it that the body Spencer found was Lucas.


I don’t this is just what my brain was thinking of. Some of it is out there some makes sense. So tell me your theories, tell me what you think of mine. LET ME KNOW! 


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We re-watched the PLL pilot for the first time last night and got our brains blown wide open. Here’s what we learned about the evolution of the Pretty Little Liars. 

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